Monday, November 17, 2008

Pie and burger fast. To get ready for the Big Apple. Where we will see 4 lovely musicals and one stinker high-brow play, maybe.

So guess what? I don't have any time to try to write something witty and clever. I'm going to NEW YORK this week! And then this morning I remembered I forgot to lose 5 pounds before my trip. So I am on a strict pie and In-n-out fast, (where I don't eat pie or In-n-Out). But it is very hard, because I noticed there was a House Hunters International recording on my TIVO last night, and nothing goes better with HHI than a Hamburger Animal Style, hold the pickles. So maybe I should go on a pie and In-n-Out fast where I ONLY eat pie and In-n-Out? Cause what if my plane goes down over Kansas, and I spent my last days depriving myself of some of life's greatest pleasures?

Talk about a tragedy.

So I am very thrilled about my upcoming trip. I got us tickets to 5 shows: Billy Elliot, Spamalot, Tale of Two Cities The Musical, 13, And August: Osage County.

Every year I pick a serious play that turns out to be a real stinker. Is tradition, like how I eat the chocolate out of the advent calendar pockets and blame it on the baby. The first stinker was Democracy, the second, Rock'n'Roll. Except, I didn't totally hate Rock'n'Roll, (just mostly hated it it), so I stayed when Mom and Jen left at intermission, both complaining of  ailing intestines (seemed rather convenient, as nobody got sick during Legally Blonde or Mary Poppins, now did they?), and had to find my way through Times Square and into a cab all alone late at night. 

So now, I think I pretty much know how it feels to be a pioneer.

Sorry. So this year, the probable stinker is August: Osage County. Which is 3.5 hours long. I think Jen is already planning to bolt. I am going to see if she wears her trainers. Or if she schedules dessert at Chickalicious during the third Act. She wanted to go strictly low-brow with the entertainent this year, but I just couldn't do it. Maybe next year, if Osage County is bad news. Which it could totally be. Seems likely.

And guess what else? A blogging friend, Alyson of New England Living, is coming out to see Spamalot with us! And then, I think we are going to an early dinner at Bar Americain, but Jen is holding the food itinerary hostage. I think she wants to laminate it and surprise us on the airplane (or maybe she is just really, really busy being the Young Women Prez).

As soon as I get back, my old (okay, not old, former) college roommate and her family are coming to see COLDPLAY with us, and are staying for Thanksgiving! Which is good news! But this roommate was always a bit fastidious. And by fastidious, I mean, she liked to keep her clothes in the dresser and did her own dishes most of the time. And she also liked to do calculus. Which seemed a bit suspect, at first, but she turned out to be nice in spite of it all. So I am trying to clean stuff up a bit, because back in college, I was too busy looking for boys to clean anything, and I want to show her that I have changed! That I am soo tidy now!  But creating that illusion will take some work, and I am going to be out of town for the days preceding her arrival. 

Maybe seeing Chris Martin live will blind her to my not-quite-pristine refrigerator shelves? I'm counting on it! Just don't look in my closets, okay, Kari?

Anyhow, I've lots to do, cleaning things out and not eating burgers and pie. (Or eating lots of burgers and pie. I haven't quite decided which.) Also, I wanted to read some Dickens to prepare for A Tale of Two Cities, the Musical. But that may not happen. Either way, I don't have any time for long, lengthy posts.


Oh well. You should tune in Thursday night, when I will be blogging live from
5th Avenue/Central Park South! 
(No, we are not staying in the Apple Store. Or FAO Schwartz.) 


Alyson (New England Living) said...

That is so funny about the high-brow plays! Just admit it - your family is strictly low-brow. Give into it. :)

Can't wait to see you guys! It's going to be cool. Of course, my husband is all worried about me and worried that maybe your just a 50 year old man who has lured me into your trap and will steal me away on the streets of Manhattan. No, seriously, he's excited for me. There is some talk of possible snow on Saturday. I'm hoping very light snow or that it'll wait until Sunday to do that.

I vote for the all in-n-out diet. Do it for me, since I've been without it for so many years.

Beeswax said...

Okay, all innout it is. Tommy and I are meeting my parents there at 11:30. I have no self-control.

Alyson, I'll send you note through facebook right now.

Heather said...

Is that where you were headed when I saw you??
Hope you have a great trip, lucky duck!! We will miss you this week.

Beeswax said...

Yes, heather, that was our destination. I am so ashamed.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I'm nothing but jealous. We can't afford to go anywhere that we don't already have an annual pass to. Have a great time!!

nevadanista said...

Please don't be a creepy 50 year old perv, because if Alyson from New England Living ever comes to Reno to visit her relatives again, I want to take her out brothel stalking and wild horse watching - her husband will certainly call it off if you're a weirdo.

Beeswax said...

I'm also hoping Alyson isn't a creepy perv!

Beeswax said...

Wait. That doesn't sound right. Well, you know what I mean.

Lorie said...

Oh! I am jealous. I love New York and I love Bar Americain. They had a dinner there when we were in NY for Hubbys work. The only thing better than Bar Americain is Bar Americain for FREE!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Haha I promise that I'm not a creepy perv, if you're not. Ok, we're good to go! Can't wait to meet you!

acte gratuit said...

1) What the heck Alyson? That could be ME! Stinkin' JAPAN!
2) Thank you for the Honor Roll clarification. Although I always lived in BYU housing and thus SHOULD have followed the same rules, uh...I didn't. Not my strong suit. It's absolutely amazing Doug married me.
3) You TOTALLY follow my blog! Don't deny it! So you should add me to the blogs you follow.
4) I'm laughing right now
5) I'm really really jealous of your New York trip!
6) I don't have a six. Oh. HAVE FUN IN NEW YORK!

acte gratuit said...

I would just like to reiterate that I'm now extremely mad we moved to Japan. I could have been the suspected creepy perv joining both of you!!!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I so totally can't wait to hear about Spamalot with Alyson. Take lots of pics and remember/record every detail. I recommend eating the burgers and pie because it will give your brain a lift for all the remembering of the important details.

Hailey said...

Well guess what? My friend who has seen every single play on Broadway said August: Osage County is TO DIE FOR. He says it's crazy, messed up and dysfunctional, but just amazing. He might have also said something about language, but I can't be sure. Good luck! I saw 39 Steps and Boeing Boeing and loved both!

wonder woman said...

It really would be a tragedy if your plane went down over Kansas. It might be days before anyone found you. I know - that's where I'm from. Me and like 6 other people, and I moved to Utah. So you might seriously need to think twice about that fast.

I'm totally jealous of all the shows and meeting a fellow blogger and predicted intestinal issues. Have a BLAST and let us all know how lame Osage County is!

Kari said...

Fastidious? Tidy? Really? Did we actually room together? Because I have different memories. Oh, wait--you must be thinking of your other college roommate named Kari.

cally said...

please eat some Chocolate by the Bald Man and blog about it.

Max Brenner.

I dream about it.

Claire said...

I'd love to go to New York. Though I think I'd just spend the entire time in Victoria's Secrets and arby's and taco bell and any other kind of take out restaurant you folk have over there.

Have a great time!!!

Pokejane said...

Acte, you should totally catch a flight and meet us.

Hailey, I sure hope Osage Co. is good, because if it isn't, I'm not going to be allowed to pick the shows ever again.

Kari, you read my definition of fastidious, tight? Using the dresser? It is all relative...But actually, I totally cleaned out Jane's room last night, so I'd like to thank you for that! I don't know if Ross and sams room is going to get the same treatment. I just don't have time. I think you should come to stay every 3 or 4 months, and then things will be ship shape all the time.
Cally, We've got Max Brenner in the food itinerary twice. Once for a sit down, maybe with some churros y chocolate, and once for hot chocolate to go, as we head into chinatown.

Beeswax said...

Sorry, I was logged in as my daughter.