Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sam: Mom, how come you can't get married first, then take your wife on your mission?

Me: (I didn't want to get into couple missionary logistics. I knew he was referring to 19-year-old missionaries.) Well, it just works better that way. That is the way Heavenly Father planned it.

Sam: (Incredulous. Horrified.) What? What did you say?

Me: That's just the way Heavenly Father planned it. It is easier to go before you have a family to feed, and ...

Sam: (Interrupting). Oh. Heavenly Father. I thought you said Harry Potter. Can I have a granola bar?

I can understand Sam's consternation. It would be disturbing, after this is all over, to find out that Harry Potter was the architect of this world, and had a plan for all of us that included missionary service.

Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS Molly and Todd! I am so excited for you. I can never have enough brother-in-laws named Todd. In the car this morning, Jane asked if there would be flower girls, and Sam said he wanted to be a flower guy. Do you have a date? Or a ring? Please put pictures on your blog.

Tonight I'm going to Joe's Farm Grill and Elizabeth: The Golden Age with Jen and some of her friends. I couldn't find a sitter so Jake is taking off from Real Estate Broker school for me. Nice, nice boy. Can't wait for this movie! I am such a sucker for this sort of thing.

Jake might have some selfish motives. He could be coming home early because he is afraid if I miss it tonight, he might somehow get dragged to see it later on. When we were dating, I insisted he come to see Emma with me. Now, any movie with any accent (German, Australian, Kiwi), or any period costume (Roman, western, flapper) is called Emma. It was, apparently, too much, too soon. I should have eased him into it a little.

My feelings about this movie genre (Emma movies) can be summed up in something Jen said to Andrew after we saw Becoming Jane: "Liked it? Oh, come on. They had me at the first shot of the English countryside." Indeed, they did.


Hailey said...

I saw it on Saturday. Cate Blanchett is DIVINE. (I can say weird things like that because I'm an actress.) The movie was pretty good, too. Probably not as good as the first one, but still ten times better than a lot of movies out there.

Molly said...

Thanks Kelly! This is such a funny post, but all of them are funny! I posted on my blog about what happened! Thanks again! I love you guys!

Kelly said...

Beautiful movie! But we got shushed. I hate getting in trouble.

One Sassy Mama said...

Kelly - I am nicole72 on shelfari.
I can't figure out how to add people - you are the magically tech savvy one.

Jake Beeson said...

I'm sure I'd want to see it, but you'd probably just want to make out through the whole thing like every other movie we go to. How could I enjoy the power and pageantry while we were causing a scene of our own? I'm glad you got to see it and liked it so much. I'll put it on my Netflix list.. .

Brett & Shireen said...

First, Kelly, am I now just one of Jen's friends? Wow, I'm crushed. Now, about the movie. Did you think the part where the guy got his tongue cut out and then was shot was beautiful? That part wasn't really beautiful. But the dresses... sigh! And although we did get shushed, Sara was ready to throw down, so I think it could have been an even bigger scene than Kelly and Jake making out in the theater like teenagers.

Kelly said...

I meant the cinematography and costumes were beautiful. I couldn't watch the gory bits. I'm glad there wasn't a showdown with the shusher. That would have made sleep even more troublesome than the two diet cokes already did.