Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A lovely kiss, bisque, a trip, and bad pop

This is Ross, playing Pokemon Crater on the internet with his cousin Jack, while talking to him on the phone:

-Jack, somebody hacked into my system and taught my Infernape weird moves!

-No, I'm serious! Now he knows lovely kiss, flare, quick-attack, and splash. His level is higher, too. You sure it wasn't you?

I think I could eat lobster bisque every day and not tire of it. I started a scientific experiment to test this hypothesis, but I ran out of bisque on day 4. I was sooo not sick of it. I should totally be a scientist.

We are headed for Anaheim tomorrow. Disneyland Thursday and Friday, San Diego Saturday, then home. The kids are all worked up, and Sam had a meltdown tonight. He can't deal with excitement.

Warm diet caffeine free Dr. Pepper is bad. Really bad. Water is way better.


Sam said...

Diet, strike 1, caffeine free, strike 2, warm, strike 3. Your taste buds are now ruined. I really hope your lobster bisque tastes the same after this very unfortunate incident. You must have been desperate.

Hailey said...

We will be at D-land on Friday--hope to see you there!

(And no one else!!)

Lizzie said...

I agree with Sam...My theory, if you are going to drink pop, drink pop and enjoy it, drink the fully leaded kind. And besides...here is my education coming out....recent studies have shown that aspertame makes you more hungry or something like that...anyway have fun in D-land!!!!

Jenni said...

Have a great time!!!

melanie said...

where are you getting lobster bisque these days? can you hook me up?