Monday, October 22, 2007

What my kids do when they aren't punching boxes, making forts, and playing in the toilet

When Ross was a baby, my Mom would sit and read to him for hours at a time. She created a monster. He would bring us stacks of books, and after they were all read, he would jump off his little, diapered 18-month-old bum, and yell "more books! More books!" I became convinced that although he was probably hyperactive, he didn't have any attention deficit. He could sit for hours, listening to books, perfectly still.

Ross wrote this essay, entitled "Reading" at school last week. I tried to scan it, so you could read it in the original 3rd grade script, but blogger doesn't like the file. I have not changed spelling or punctuation, so that it more closely resembles the primary source document. I had a lot of practice doing this while I worked at FARMS. After David Whitmer and Oliver Cowdery, Ross is easy-peasy.

"Reading is fun in all sorts of ways and it's my favorite thing to do in my spare time.

Reading is adventurous. That's one of the reasons I like it. Like the people in the story might do something bad and I would say: "I would never do that!" For example, I wouldn't battle Voldemort like in Harry Potter Number 4! I like reading because it is moderately hard usually. Right now, I'm reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, with 870 pages. I want to read the whole series!

I like reading for lots of reasons. 1 reason is that it is helpful in some ways. It can relax you. If you're mad, Super book! It can relax you. It's also helpful because it gives you something to do in your spare time.

I also like reading because it has <begin page 2> lot of feeling. Sometimes it can make you feel scared or frightened, happy or glad, or just plain sad.

Reading is probably my most favorite thing to do in my free time. Reading is fun! Reading is adventurous! READING HAS EVERYTHING <underlined three times>!!!! "

Before they wrote their essays, the class had to brainstorm topics. Here is Ross' list of his favorite things to do:

reading <circled>

play computer
work (sometimes)
invite friends
call friends
kicking balls
punching boxes
making forts
throwing balls
playing with Tommy."

Punching boxes? Um, I don't totally get boys. And as far as I know, he's never been bowling. I should take him.

Jane is also an avid reader. She loves Junie B. Jones and Magic Tree House. She recently started the Little House books.

Sam is into "Green Eggs and Ham." (Sam, I am!) He can read a little, but not enough to read the chapter books he takes to bed at night. I don't ask questions.

A few weeks ago, Tommy went missing. I expected to find him playing in a toilet Sam hadn't flushed again, but instead I found this: (Poor Tommy has to read books to himself. His Mom is busy blogging.)


bionictrout said...

We are pretty much batting .500 on our kids liking reading. Mila would (and sometimes actually DOES, if Dad forgets to turn off her light) read all the way to sunrise if we let her. She reads entire chapter books in one sitting and then is depressed because she is out of books.

Ethan probably would read more if he had time in his busy XBox schedule to accommodate it. We will never know I guess.

Lucy reads to herself in her crib, turning the pages and mumbling in mimicry of her sister, I suppose.

Lane likes to eat books, but that doesn't technically count.

But non-readers are not all that bad. I never liked to read, and I turned out as an adequate member of society. I don't murder people and I pay my taxes, albeit late. Hey, what more could a mother ask for?

Jenni said...

Cutie kids! Love Ross's essay...and the brainstorning was rather impressive! I wish my kids would let me read to them more...they are just too busy to sit still long enough to read an entire book. On occassion Caden will be interested enough, but Austin would rather scan books himself that let me read to him.

Hailey said...

I love to read, and I always have! I suppose that's why we have a 50/50 split so far. (But seriously, Ben? Already labeling the twins as readers or not--that's just crazy!)

Has Janey tried the Fairy Realm books? Mila loves those--the Rainbow Magic Fairy series is a favorite as well.

Jolene said...

Kelly - I love Ross's essay. I also like saying Ross's essay out loud. But I am very simple minded.

My parents really instilled in me a love of reading. We had a house boat on Lake Powell and we would ski in the early morning hours and then read the rest of the day. We would pass the books around and at the end of a week we had all read the same books.

Three of my kids have a love for words but no matter what I try - the other one will not pick up a book. When it is no t.v. time at our house we will all read and she will seriously just stare into space.

Anyway, speaking of books, I was wondering if you know how to change the books that are displayed on the shelfari book shelf. I do not want to be judged by the books that are on mine - I need some smarter ones to show.

Random question - have you read The Book Thief? It is very good.

Kelly said...

I know how Mila feels, Ben. I like to have a whole stack of unread books on my nightstand. It makes me feel secure, like food storage.

Jenni, I hated being read to as well. Didn't much like books until I could read em myself.

Hailey, I'll get those for Jane.

Jolene, the only way I could figure was to rate some, and then tell it you want the ones you rated highest shown on your shelf. I haven't read the book thief. I asked Nicole about it. I will put it on my list. Thanks!

Hailey said...

P.S. I tagged you on my blog. Jenni started it.

Shannon said...

So funny! My twins are totally like your little tommy! (they have to read to themselves) But they are Obsessed with books, i would be reading all day long to them, thank goodness for those "first Reader" toys! hehehehe

How old is Ross? That is dang good if he is Reading Harry potter books! I am so impressed!!!

Jolene said...

KB - I just thought about The Book Thief when I read this post. It is about a girl who wants nothing more than to learn how to read and write. You will also learn a lot of German sware words. Could come in handy sometime.

Kelly said...

Ross is 8, Shannon. # 5 is slowing him down!

Sheisse, Jolene! Now I'm even more interested in that book. I am somewhat versed in German cussing. My Mom has a master's in German and isn't afraid to use it.

Jolene said...

Merde! Does that mean my kids are going to someday figure out what all of these French words are?