Saturday, October 06, 2007

We're Really Roughing it

Church in your jammies is fun fun fun.

Metro Phoenix forecast for today:
Sat: high 84/ low 68

My kids are desert weenies. This is what they put on to go outside this morning, because it was sooooo 'cold.' For most people, this forecast didn't require outerwear.

Here is a sample of our outlook for next week:
Wed: high 99/ low 68

So, just in case you were thinking, 'wow, I'd sure like to be there this time of year,' well, you can just think again. We are still bathing daily in our own stinking sweat, living in this slow roastin', kitty litter suburbia that we call home. Come November, I'll be singin' another tune, I'm sure. It has been a long, long hot summer. I have grown peevish. (I will grudgingly admit the evenings are growing very pleasant. Pleasant enough the park equipment won't give the kids 2nd degree burns.)

Yes, that is Tommy's bum in the background of the photo, as he climbs into the inflatable pool. Hehe.

Tommy has entered the crayon-eating phase of his life. He can sniff them out like a pig searching for truffles, finding them under the couch, in un-babyproofed drawers, and in the other kids bedrooms, which are always a goldmine of contraband treasures. He can liberate a crayola from its paper wrapping with one hand, and have it in his mouth before his slow-moving caregiver (that's me) can even say, "fudge!" Which is what all the crayons make: very colorful fudge in the diapers.

On Wednesday Melanie called to tell me Albertson's was having one of its crazy sales. I meant to blog about it in a more timely manner, but since I didn't, this will be more neener-neener than informative. Sorry, ladies. Spent: 85.36, saved: 165.82. Here is some of the stuff:

While I was checking out, Jake called to ask me to get $100 cash for him to take to the Diamondbacks game. Which made me think: What's the point, if all my savings is going for $8 hotdogs and Dr. Pepper? What's the point of being selectively cheap? I'm not trying to work Jake over. I do the same thing. For instance, for hotels on our 'budget' vacation next week, we will stay in the 2 bedroom suite at the Marriott Residence Inn, instead of the one at the Four Seasons. Or we won't go. This is not frugal living, people. I'm fooling myself with the Albertson's receipt.

Between conference sessions, I am going to Cosmo's to get my hair cut, so I will look smokin' hot to go to Caffe Boa on Mill Avenue and Jersey Boys at Gammage tonight with Jen and Mom. Today is a good day. Maybe I was too hasty with my kitty litter suburbia . If my ancestors could live in this great Sonoran desert since Brigham Young sent them here in what, 1860(?), to live with the critters and no AC in houses made of mud (that's how I picture them), I won't complain. Back then, there was no salon and day spa, no awesome little Italian places, no Broadway musicals traveling to Tempe. We've got it good.


Molly said...

I have a jacket like Sam has on in that picture...I'll have to wear it sometime so we can be twins. I'm sure he'll love that!

Lizzie said...

that is not something I would be admitting on a public blog Molly. I have to admit though, I was a little "cold" tonight and while out shopping I bought two new a really need them ????

melanie said...

I love the look on ross's face. Now that's why we load up on cheap snacks at Albertsons!!!