Monday, April 21, 2008

Flat Yael

Heard of Flat Stanley? In this children's book by Jeff Brown, Stanley gets flattened by a bulletin board, which sounds painful, but apparently makes it possible for him to be mailed to his friends around the world. Which is cheap travel. My friend Shawna's daughter, Yael, sent her flat self to us from her 1st grade class in Castaic, California.

Flat Yael's time at the Beeswax home has been full of exciting adventures. At first, I wasn't exactly sure what Yael's teacher wanted from us, but in my mind it looked something like this:

but that's just staged (I know you couldn't tell). Ross, Jane, Sam, Tommy and Yael didn't get to go to the Grand Canyon during her visit. Yael was wearing those super high heels, which didn't seem very practical.

Instead, as soon as she arrived, we put her to work. Yael was a good babysitter. Here she is reading stories to Tommy:This allowed Kelly more time for her own stories:Flat Yael took Ross to the eye Doc at Wal-Mart because she suspected Ross was blind as a bat. She was right! Too bad she wasn't around to stop Sam from busting the new titanium frames. That was expensive, Yael!
Jane and Yael sponsored an art show. Read the rules if you can. When I asked Jake what he would enter, he told me he couldn't tell me, because then I might be tempted to break rule #2.

Like the rest of us, Yael spent a lot of time watching Ross' Little League games. Ross is pretty good, but Yael was more interested in the concessions. She heartily enjoyed the icees that taste eerily like grape Hubba Bubba. Here she is, watching with Tom:

Things have been a little crazy around here. Yael thinks this is what all hungry and harried Arizonans eat for dinner:

Well, sometimes they go to Little Caesars. Right, Yael?

Anyway, I think she had a great time. It has been a suburban cultural feast!
Thanks for coming, Yael!


Jolene said...

Creative Kelly - you will be able to come up with some good ones. When one of my nieces from UT sent Flat Stanley to us last year, I waited until the last possible minute to put some stuff together. There was a lot of dressing the kids in different clothes so that it looked like we were having adventures spanned out over several days. Then I relied solely on the cuteness of others by plugging the pictures into a scrapbook that I had received as a gift that was all done and ready for pix and journaling.

Right now I have a notebook from a school girl in UT who wanted to see how many places her notebook could go during the school year. It has been to England, Japan, and New York City. My sister-in-law in Santa Barbara sent it to me. My problem is I don't have anywhere to send it next!

Leslie said...

What a clever post. I found your blog from LDS Blogging Women. Very, very enjoyable!!!

Heather said...

So funny! She was a busy girl, bet her feet were killing her in those heels! Hope your feeling better. You sounded like you still have a little cold today.

shell said...

Yael seems like a very cool chick. oh and you totally can't go to the grand canyon in high heels!

shell said...

by the way I want to officially add your blog to my blog.

I think its only approiate to have a rose ceramony.

Kelly will you accept this rose?

shell said...

kelly I apologize for that lame comment of mine about the rose ceramony. it was really late. unless you thought it was funny and not weird then I don't apologize. :)
oh and the rose would be yellow.

P&M CLAN said...

That's a fun idea Kelly! Bet the kids loved it!

Brett & Shireen said...

For what it's worth, the rose comment made me laugh. But I am a little bit crazy myself, so take it for what it's worth. I think some of those photos look doctored...

One Sassy Mama said...

I love the heels on Flat Yael - they are hilar. We took our Flat Stanley to a Jazz game--he donated some pocket change to a guy playing the harmonica--nothing nearly as eventful as your Flat Yael though.

Are you still the Food Storage specialist in your ward? There's a fab lady in UT that has an new blog -- here's the link in case you're interested

She used to send out a free email of all the foodstorage deals in our local ads - it was amazing (now she charges for it-lame-but whatever).

Anyway - just thought I'd share.

One Sassy Mama said...

Errr...duh...I just noticed you have a link to your very own Food Storage blog - this is awkward..guess I shoulda left my mssg over there.

Kelly said...

Hilar? Hilar is hilar! No, that's cool. Food storage lady is my unpopular alter-ego. Though she is starting to get some traffic, even though I never post anything new or even visit that blog every week. I actually got an email from that lady you are talking about. I think she's trying to push me out of the market. (I have no market. I'm so nerdy.)

And Shireen: doctored? I don't know whatchur talkin bout.

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