Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The nose knows...occasionally.

11:15 pm.
The lights are out.
I hear munching and smell...

"popcorn? Jake, are you eating popcorn over there?"

"Uh... yeah." he confesses.

"It smells like old popcorn. Like old movie popcorn. Do you have old movie popcorn over there?"

"You caught me. I've got a bag under the bed over here."

"I knew it! Can you believe my sense of smell? Your wife is pretty much a genius! Come on, tell me I'm a genius!"

"Okay, genius. Too bad I'm really eating Doritos."

"No popcorn?"


Dangit. "You have any dip over there?"


Molly said...

Hahah that made me laugh for a long time, thanks Kelly! I can totally picture that conversation happening.

Heather said...

Too funny! We all like to hear how amazing we are from time to time. Too bad our husbands don't always just play along. I'm sure I would have humored you.
By the way, thanks for the vote of confidence about the valance. Do you think a box balloon valance with inverted pleats would be easy? I'm no Martha Stewart or that sewing lady with the paralyzed lip, but I have a machine and I can do a few things. And I have to make/buy four. Grr.