Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm diggin' it...Part One

This is my 102nd post! I totally missed number 100, which I think I was supposed celebrate by bragging on myself in some way. I can still do that, though. I can.

When your Grandma turns 100, it is a big deal, right? Well, when she turns 102, even bigger deal, eh?

So don't leave in disgust because Beeswax is eating a Beyer's light ice cream bar for breakfast to celebrate her 102nd post. Because I love these ice cream bars. And that is the theme of this post. Things I like. One hundred and two of them.

1. Ummm, I told you about the ice cream bars, righty-o? They are mighty tasty and a much better choice, calorically, for my Sunday night ice cream bender than an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food, which is also fairly delicious.

2. I just read People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks. I just started to write a synopsis, but then I remembered it is about a book conservator who finds clues to a medieval manuscript's provenance, with many fascinating historical flashbacks, but if I write that, then you'll know I'm a big nerd, and you won't read it. Which would be too bad. Also read The Opposite of Fate by Amy Tan. An interesting writing memoir, although it got a little whiny at the end. Uh, Amy? You are one of the most popular living writers in American literature. Who cares if someone labels you "Asian-American writer?" If someone wanted to publish my book (the one that isn't yet written), they could totally label me Asian-American if they wanted. The readers might be disappointed, though, by my lack of Asian content. I guess I could write about the big crush I had on Steve Chang in 7th grade. That Steve was one foxy 12-year-old.

Okay, where am I? #3? At this rate, this post could be my first book.

3. Bumble and Bumble curl creme for medium to thick hair. This stuff makes it possible to wear my hair curly and not look like a witch. And at about $100 for the giant quart size I buy, they ought to be adding some kind of black magic. But if your curls need cold rinsing, then creme-ing, then wrapping in a turban like some sort of sheik, then diffusing and shine spraying, this is for you. I'm actually sort of cheap, so I've tried all the drugstore curling products. (I am so cheap I sometimes can't help myself and buy generic Oil of Olay Complete moisturizer, even though I know it makes me break out and the real Oil of Olay should really be cheap enough.) I figure I'm saving money because I don't use my Bumble and Bumble on the kids; they get the below-par drugstore products I have rejected. So ladies and gentleman, if your hair has always been curly but not curly enough to do anything with, try this. (Buy the small bottle first).

4. Jeans that don't gap in the back and show my crack. In a later post I will amaze you all with my revolutionary sewing technique which has made plumber butt a thing of my past.

5. Going to Women's Conference. I leave tomorrow afternoon! I have never been before and so am really thrilled, but sad because I will miss going through the Temple with Liz, and because I will not be able to eat my way across Provo as previously planned because...

6. I'M GOING TO CABO! Jen might have invited us because I whined that my mental health is suffering from all the sickness at our house (started nearly three weeks ago, but now we are down to only secondary infections, so I think I can see a light at the end of the pus-filled, infected eardrum). But who cares about eardrums, and whether I'm acting a little bit crazy, when I am going to CABO?

7. Jake coming home Saturday night from Mountain biking in Utah and getting a babysitter immediately. That was very nice of him, especially since he was pretty much exhausted.

102 seem a long way off? Okay, sorry. I'll pick up the pace.

8. Converse low tops
9. British stuff
10. libraries
11. Orange toenail polish
12. a stack of unread novels by my bedside
13. babies
14. guacamole
15. family history
16. Masterpiece Theater
17. babysitters
18. Gary Jules
19. Food Network
20. Nutella
21. traveling
22. warm beaches with no fish because I am scared of fish
23. collecting/hoarding books
24. pretty jewels
25. hoarding stuff for sentiment's sake
26. hoarding stuff cause I can't help it
27. baking cookies
28. eating cookies
29. history books
30. blonde curly hair
31. my book club
32. Rick Steves
33. trouser-cut jeans
34. my family

I think I will stop before you lose interest.
What, too late?



shell said...

I read the whole thing!

I too hate water with fish in it. Swimming at Lake Powell officially grosses me out.

Oh and I so do the cheap thing with buying the fake of oil olay. Will we ever learn????

Gini said...

Is Jake going to Cabo with you?

Sue said...

I'm so jealous of your #6. SO JEALOUS.

But totally with you on 27 and 28. Happy 102 posts! :>

Molly said...

I think I'm only on post 25, man, I better get bloggin!

Leslie said...

Sorry it's been a few days since I was able to come back by...crazy mommy know.

Loved this post...can't wait for the next installment!

Just have to say...thanks for the heads up on the curl stuff...I need to look into that!!!

Also...can't wait to hear your solution for the gaping jeans!

And Rick Steves is awesome...I want to be him someday!

Thanks for all the fun!

Enjoy Women's Conference and...Cabo? Awesome!

Lizzie said...

hope you have fun a women's conference. We can go to the temple ANY time now! Fun! Have fun in CABO!