Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Free books, cheap wheat

Just a few deals for you:

I just got Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist (I've been wanting to read this) FREE on Itunes! You can get the audiobook through July 14. I'm going to try to listen to it on the way to California next week, even though I HATE being read aloud to, even by Jeremy Irons. I mean, hey, it's FREE.

Costco (at least the new one on Sossaman) has 45 pound buckets of Red Wheat for $27. That's not a bad price, and it is a REALLY easy way to stock up on on wheat. I usually make my bread from Hard White, but that is much more expensive and harder to get these days. I am tempted, even though my whole closet is already full of wheat. There isn't room for my Imelda-like shoe collection.

Now, is anyone out there willing to lend me Counting Stars by Michelle Paige Holmes? I need it for book club next week and I don't feel like going to the bookstore. 


Jolene said...

Thanks for the tip on the free book. I will download it tonight. I love free stuff.

I need your opinion, food storage lady, what do you think of the buckets of emergency food that they sell at Costco? They are just instant soups and oatmeal packets - but they are so conveniently packed in those buckets. I have been pondering buying a few just if we ever had to leave in a hurry or something - but I haven't done it. What do you think of them?

jt said...

Hey Kelly, we are the SAME. I downloaded that baby this morning AND we bought the wheat at costco. Ours is white up here however-maybe they had the red too, we didn't even notice when we put one in the cart. Have fun in Cali!

Alyson said...

Thanks for the tips! Who knows what they have at the costcos out here, but I'll take a look.

I'll be downloading that book too!

amanda said...

Hey. yeah I am a stranger, but I found your blog in my search for truth! About flour, that is. I see that you use wheat, and I do to, but do you know anything about white flour tasting funny after you can it? Everyone looks at me like I am crazy, but I need to know if its futile to can.
I wish I lives somewhere where we could get wheat. Other than the four hours to the bishops storehouse, I mean.