Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Second Best Birthiversary EVER

I've got loads to say, but I didn't want to displace Tori Spelling from the top-o-the-blog until she'd had a good, long run. Those Digital Image Pro creations- er, I mean, real live paparazzi-like pictures- took me a long, long time. Like 10 minutes, maybe. If you haven't had the pleasure, please scroll down at your leisure and peruse them.

Anyway, our first full day in California was my birthiversary.

And it was a good one.

I can't, of course, say it was the best ever, because, obviously, the best ever would be the first one: July 19, 1996. My 23rd birthday, and the day I got married.

So go ahead and do the math. I'll wait. You can leave the 'no spring chicken/mind is going and memory fading/you are old enough to be a grandma if you and your daughter were both teen moms' jokes in the comments.

The day started with my official birthday cake: a delicious maple bar from Donuts #2 in Encinitas. And an apple fritter, if you are going to insist on full caloric disclosure.

I must say, every birthday should start with Donuts #2.

(I like to take every opportunity to say Donuts #2. Is like worst possible name for a donut shop. Donuts #1 nearly as bad, but Donuts #3 is not even funny, so possibly worse?)

Then, after I'd squeezed my sugar-bloated donut belly into my new skinny-lady jeans (that I bought at Hub in Scottsdale because I am getting skinny, or was getting skinny until I went on vacation and gained $%&@#! pounds), my Mom, Jen and I headed to Anthropologie, where we found some lovely tops (we knew we would. We always do). Jen said my birthday party had the best party favors ever (the tops), and she wants to be invited again next year. Yeah, me too. Thanks, Mom! Then we got some tasty green corn tamales at the Yellow Coyote. Pants were already stretched nearly to limit, but there was still more to come.

Meanwhile, Jake had taken all four children to the Swap Meet all the way down by Sea World. They came home with a trash bag full of Legos, some fancy in-line skates for Jake, some parasols, black market Pokemon cards, and flowers for me. They returned pretty exhausted by all dickering. (I never pass up any opportunity to use the word 'dickering'.) Then, they all went swimming while I arranged flowers and put on one of my new tops.

Mom came over to watch the kids, and Jake and I, (with Jen and Andrew) drove down the coast a few miles to Jake's Del Mar for an anniversary dinner. Jake had wrangled us a table overlooking the water, and as the sun set, we could see dozens of dolphins diving in and out of the waves, alongside the surfers. (At first, I thought they were sharks, became very agitated, and nearly called 911, but then I didn't.)
Here's the crew at Jake's. No, those are not bits of Stonehenge peeking out from behind Andrew's head (yes, they are). This is 100% kosher photo (is our actual table, is actually us, is actual dolphin, is digital creation). Maybe I should learn to take pictures at the scene of the crime? Is an interesting idea. Will mull it over.

I ordered artichoke fritters and calamari, apple and walnut salad, and some pecan-crusted halibut. Jen accused me of having a crush on the curly-headed waiter, and even when I pretended to a small one, Jake did not have the good manners to act the jealous cuckold. I forgot his rudeness when dessert arrived: a giant slice of hula pie. I keep coming back to Jake's Del Mar for this perfect confection of macadamia nut ice cream, chocolate cookie crust, fudge sauce and more macadamia nuts. Is a party on a plate.

Every day should end with a giant slice of hula pie.

Finally, as I unzipped my jeans and rode back to Carlsbad with the seat reclined, listening to Coldplay, I realized I had barely set eyes on my kids all the day whole day long. Not since the Donuts #2.

I've got to say, it was the second best birthiversary ever.


One Sassy Mama said...

Mmmm-pie. Your eating and shopping extravaganza sounds like my kinda b-day. Looks like it was a fun one--I love your re-touched photo at the restaurant. Maybe you should consider getting a job as a tabloid photog.

alyssa said...

This DOES sound like an amazing day. How fun for you! And there are times when it's kinda nice to not have to worry about the kids. Of course when you get home you realize you missed them, but those kid-free hours are pretty dang nice.

Jolene said...

Happy birthday! We should celebrate with more food! I think your birthday is a good excuse for a girl's lunch! What do you think?

That pie looks like heaven on a plate. Note to self: next CA vacay - go to Hula Pie restaurant!

Brett and Shireen said...

You had the best birtiversary food ever. That pie... mmmm... I love the picture at dinner, must have been cold in Del Mar when you guys were there, surprising for July. Glad the trip was so fun!

Joe said...

Your photo editing skills rock!

alyssa said...

I'm watching "The office" on TBS and just heard the line, "When asked to state your business, you put, 'beeswax, none of your inc.'" and totally thought of you!

acte gratuit said...

That's it. I'm putting you on "The List". Design Mom out, you in.

Lizzie said...

hula pie looks great!

Pam said...

Happy Birthiversary to you!
It would be silly of me to say I hope you had a great day because obviously you did. How fun to spend the day shopping and eating in CA no less. Love the photo editing by the way...it makes me feel like I could be right in the restaraunt with you and the dolphin...actually I could with a few clicks of the mouse :)
If you decide to do another celebration with Jo let me know I would love to see you again.

COMcewens said...

WHAT a great birthday versary! AND I did the math.... I had to take off my shoes and socks to add up all them numbers, and guess what... it still didnt add up to old!!

Love the "recreation" photo!! NICE!

Alyson said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend a birthday. Happy belated to you!

jt said...

Glad you had a great one. I've had hula pie before, it is a par tay! .

Brigham said...

That hula pie looks like shamu's head.

Beeswax said...

Brigham, it looks EXACTLY like shamu's head. You have a keen eye.

Yeah, girls, lets keep on celebrating birthday, clear into August! Where shall we go?

Anonymous said...

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