Thursday, July 03, 2008

Gentile hot dogs, Krispy Kreme Sundaes, and Sam's doppelganger

I have to put something up to displace Guns n Roses from the top-o-the-blog before we leave for our 4th of July festivities at the cabin. Axel's mug, coupled with all the meat talk, was making me mildly nauseous. I can only imagine you felt the same...

Last night at cousin Isabella's party, there was a crock pot of assorted hot dogs: cheese filled, general beef and Hebrew National. I asked Jake's brother Brigham, "How can you tell the Hebrew Nationals from the other weinies?"

He didn't get the joke. It was probably the crummy delivery.

No matter, because soon we had KRISPY KREME SUNDAES: raised doughnut, scoop of vanilla ice cream, sprinkles, and a cherry. I shared Sammy's, so I wouldn't regain any of my NINE lost pounds, but it was GOOD. Otherwise, I would have put away three of those, no trouble. Thanks, Gini, Sam and Janae!

Jake's Mom found these pictures on, a stock photography website. Do you think this kid looks like Sammy?

Here is Sam, 2 years ago, just after he cut his own hair and made me cry:
Then his hair grew back, so he looks a little like the shaving kid's fro'd twinner, maybe:

So, is this kid Sam's brother-from-another-mother? His alter ego?
Did someone clone Sam, like they did Dolly the Sheep?


Frumpy Luv said...

It is just a little creepy - isn't it!! The picture just post self hair cut looks very much like the dolly cloner - wow!

Alyssa said...

WOWZA! Yeah, it's his brotha from anotha motha! I'm with frumpy- the black and white looks the most like the other kid, I think. Both cute, but I LOVE your sons curls!! My baby used to have curls like that in back....but they left as his hair grew. -sniff-

Pam said...

I'm voting for the cloning. It really is amazing how alike they really do look. Shaved or curly Sam is a cutie.
Everytime you post about Krisy Kremes I instantly gain 5 lbs. No fair but oh so yum!

Alyson said...

I've got a fro'd boy too! I just love it and it would also make me cry if he cut it.

jt said...

The girl I'm taking my photo class from (nicole hill) works at rubberball so I'll ask her if she took those pics. we'll get to the bottom of the whose kid it is.

The Motherboard said...

ca-reepy! They say that everyone on this planet has a twin... but your fro'd out boy is edible he is darling!

Krispy Kremes...YUM.

da Bergs said...

Omighosh, you have the cutest little guy!!!! LOVE the blonde curls!!!