Sunday, January 11, 2009

And then my sister said "don't quote me on this, but..."

"this might be one of the best movies I have ever seen."

Bride Wars.
That's the movie. 
The one that's maybe the best she's ever seen.

And yeah. 
She did say not to quote her. 
But I couldn't help it. 
Because it seems pretty funny.

But it was a pretty good movie. Well, pretty entertaining.
You should go see it, ladies.

Cause it is a perfect girly movie.
(You know what I mean.)

Beeswax and sister Jen at the Wynn in Vegas.

So, I kept thinking, how does such a lovely confection of girly bliss get made? 

I imagine maybe some doughy, old bald white guys with sweaty pits, shiny faces, and short, wide ties were sitting around smoking cigars in a dark room with dented 1950s metal office furniture, and one of them said:
"Harold, hows about we make a movie for the ladies? Whaddaya think?"

And then Frank cuts in: "I know! Something with hot teenage vampires!"

"Too late. Done to death," muses Harold. "How about a wedding? Better yet, a couple-a weddings? And Vera Wang wedding dresses? The ladies love the wedding dresses."

"Yeah, and wedding cake. And flowers, and diamond rings. In little Tiffany boxes. Girls pretty much wet their pants over Tiffany boxes."

"And the Plaza? And the Palm Court at the Plaza? And best friends. Girls always want to KIT with their Best Friends Forever."

"Only, they fight. Girls also love a good cat fight. Almost as much as the boys do. Hey, boys?"

Cue lecherous laughter.
I won't go so far as to say it was a good as Notting Hill, which is a 10+, incorporating as it does Hugh Grant and London, which are two of my ATFs (all time favorites). Notting Hill is is pretty much the standard by which I judge this sorta film ('film' being used here in the loosest possible way). But still, I'll give Bride Wars an 8.5 on the Chick Flick Fun Scale. An 8.75, even.

P.S. Don't take boys along. They will not appreciate it. Is like when you try to get your husband to watch Masterpiece Theater with you, but then he talks in a nasally falsetto and pretends to be Jane Austen, whining about her love life. Or a ghostly Cathy, out on the moor, whining about her love life. Or Tess of the D'Urbervilles, whining about her love life. 

Is not funny. 
Is serious business.

Tess, part deux, begins in 120 minutes.

Lavonne gave me some Junior Mints at Church. (To eat instead of my pantcessories). I'm saving them for Tess-time.


Jenni said...

YAY! So glad to hear this is a good movie--I'm hosting "girl's night" for 20+ people this weekend and we're going to see "Bride Wars"...can't wait! And oh my gosh, I LOVE Notting Hill!!! So darn cute!

Kellie said...

I'm heading to Apple Trailers to watch the movie trailer right now. A group of girlfriends went to watch it the other night and I stayed home with an ear infection. Bummer.

Barbaloot said...

I hadn't wanted to see it too bad before---but now I wanna call my sister-in-law and go. Thanks:)

And also, Tess of the D'Urbervilles? Really? I thought that was atrocious.

Eric and Breanna Graham said...

I'm in total agreement. I saw it Saturday with the perfet group; my sisters and my mom. My sister is getting married in April and we had just come from that bridal expo in Phoenix. Could it have been more fitting?! We all really liked it. My movie in which I judge others aginst is "Return to me".

Sue Q said...

Loving Anne Hathaway as much as I do, I was so planning on putting this on my Netflix queue, but I may not be able to wait now!!

Sue said...

I love Notting Hill. (Who doesn't?)

Ditto Sue Q - I was going to wait for the Redbox version because I'm not a Kate Hudson fan (LOVE Anne Hathaway though), but now I might have to go see it.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I never realized that you talk just like sweaty movie executives sitting in a room full of 1950's dented metal furniture until this . . . Love it! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I lost the thread when I got to the part where you have a friend who gives you candy at church. I've got to figure out how to get that going in my ward.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I've read back a couple posts so I know what I would have to do to get candy at church. (1. Tell people in my ward that I have a blog and 2. Try to eat a button.) It's good to have a plan!

Azúcar said...


Sorry, had to say that loudly.

Bee said...

I think that I would rather see Anne Hathaway in Rachel Got Married.

Did you know that Kate Hudson actually produced this girl getting at girl action? (So much for your fantasy scenario.) I know it's just satire, Beeswax, but I hate the Bridezilla thing.

heather said...

I really want to go to this movie. If it wasn't about girlfriends, I'd go by myself BUT I know that if I go by myself to a movie about girlfriends I'll just turn into an emotional wreck and I've already done that a few times recently.

Kate Hudson actually produced it. She was on Rachael Ray the other day.

AND I hate when Hubby mocks Jane Austen. Its blasphemous and he only laughs and does it more when he sees that it is getting under my skin.

The Fear Fam said...

My husband and I almost saw Bride Wars on Friday, but instead went to see that teenage vampire flick, since we were the only two people on earth who hadn't seen it yet. I think we made the wrong choice.

And I feel very fortunate to have a husband who actually likes Cobblestone Romances, as we call them. I highly recommend North & South, if you haven't seen it yet. I finished it (for the 3rd time) at 3 this morning as I fed the baby. :)

Brett and Shireen said...

I'm glad to hear that this movie is entertaining - I want to see it. I agree, there is something fab about Notting Hill (it's in my collection as well). Perhaps I'll get myself a box of jr mints and go see bride wars this weekend.

Claire said...

I fear I'm about to something that made offend...

I hated Notting Hill. I can't bear Hugh Grant. London's smelly.

I'll go and see Bride Wars.... as soon I've gone to see Twilight. Yusss... i'm late to the whole twilight party, but that doesn't mean that i'm any less willing to leave my neck open to Edward's knashers.

Please still be my friend even though i don't like Notting hill. You can still come over here and we'll have that drink in a pub in Edinburgh. Though we don't do root beer over here. Poo. It'll have to be a diet coke. Or else I'll have to take you on a 3 hour drive to get some decent A&W from a guy that imports it from the states and then charges a bleeding fortune for it.

wonder woman said...

Thanks for going against your sister's wishes to pass on this lovely tidbit of information!! I've wondered if this is good. I'll be ready when it comes to redbox.

Shellie said...

I am going to freaking print out that picture of you two girls and show my stylist that is exactly the color of hair I want.
beautiful! why you got to be like that :)

Natalie said...

Ooh, that did look good. I will check it out. I finally saw "Duchess" and absolutely loved it. Was so moving. I cried on that one part, (I'm sure you know the part...)

Natalie said...

btw, i have decided that every picture I see of you looks like a totally different person. If I were to pass you on the street, I would not shout "Beeswax! I've found you at last!" cuz I would not be sure if it was you or not. I guess when you only see a few pictures of someone you can't get the whole picture. (I wish we lived at Hogwarts where the pictures move!- and I am just assuming that you are a Harry Potter fan, here. :)
I don't have any plans just yet to get back to Az, but when I do I am planning on calling you! We can do lunch and then blog about it. :)

Beeswax said...

Barbaloot, Tess IS atrocious, but in a good way.

Sue, Kate is a little less anoying than usual. Maybe.

Azucar, remember, it wasn't me who said it was the best movie she'd ever seen. Just to clarify. I was just entertained.

Bee, it wasn't as angry as the previews make it seem. But Bridezilla does seem pretty accurate.

Claire, Come on! I mean, Spike? Spike is funny! And London isn't as smelly as Paris! Or New York, even. But is okay. This anti-hugh stance is puzzling, but I think we can agree to disagree.

Shellie, which hair, mine or Jen's? Cause I haven't been to a stylist in like 5 months, so I'm pretty sure mine is color-free, not to mention full of split ends and gray hairs!

Natalie, let's totally do lunch. I'll carry a box of Junior mints so you'll know who I am.

LisAway said...

Now there's a cute sister picture! I'll have to keep a look out for Bride Wars. Which of the old guys in that office came up with the title? I think he should be fired.

corrie said...

pantcessories...that's so funny.

I saw the benjamin button movie on my birthday...not a fave.

Molly said...

Oh my gosh, I dragged Todd to that movie on Saturday, BIG mistake! He hated it, I loved it though. It was so funny! I love that picture of you and Jen, gorgeous ladies!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is great picture of you and Jen. Who took it?

wendy said...

Nothing more fun then a girly movie - once I had all my girls over (one daughter and 4 daughter's in law) and we watched Pride & Prejudice. Sat in our jammies and had such fun!! My husband said "seeeee ya". When I suggest a girl flick he starts to break out into a sweat - like I'd really make him go. He'd totally ruin it. I LOVE My Best Friends Wedding --it's an oldie by goody.

nevadanista said...

The Wynn is my favorite - it's also where Britney has a lot of run-ins with the paparazzi.

Which Tess are you talking about? There was one on A&E about 10 years ago that was pretty good.

Hailey said...

Really? It's that good, huh? Notting Hill is lovely, I have to agree. I also enjoyed Hugh in About a Boy and Love Actually. By the way, great pic of you two cute sisters.