Monday, January 19, 2009

Wuthering Heights: Starring Dwight Schrute as Heathcliff

Last night I was watching watching Wuthering Heights on Masterpiece Theater, and it occurred to me that the Heathcliff/Cathy/Edgar Linton love triangle is eerily similar to the Dwight/Angela/Andy triangle (on The Office). 

Cathy and Heathcliff: can't deny what they feel. "You know I could as soon forget you, as my own existence." But she gets scared off when he gets gleeful over her sister-in-law's death.

Angela and Dwight: another passionate, secret love. She leaves when he kills her beloved cat, Sparkles.

Edgar Linton, with soon-to-be-wife Cathy. He's the whole package: Rich, educated, appropriate, good-lookin', and doting. Why does she agree to marry him, while she still has the hots for someone else? Is a bad idea, Cathy.

Andrew Bernard and his espoused, Angela. His unconditional love is unrequited! 

No really. 
Think about it. 

Pretend Heathcliff is a brooding beet farmer.

Now, imagine that Edgar is a Cornell graduate with the voice of an angel.

Okay, then.

So now, you can stop chewing your nails over what will happen next Thursday night. It seems fairly obvious:
Angela will marry Andy, regret it mightily, then croak. 
Dwight will end up digging up Angela's grave and fondling her decomposing remains. 

I can't wait. 
It is going to be SOOOO funny.

P.S. Remember that one time, when Ralph Fiennes was Heathcliff? 
I do.


heather said...

You are SO RIGHT!! It's gonna be SO funny!

nevadanista said...

Dwight Shrute is more myself than I am...

Claire said...

Ralph Fiennes is indeed a very handsome man.

I've not seen the american version of The Office. The british version with Ricky Gervais in it is absolute genius.

Natalie said...

Wow, that is eery...
I recorded it and haven't watched it yet...but it did give me an awesome dream that I posted about. Go see!

Barbaloot said...

I'll be honest---I kind of hate Wuthering Heights. Please don't be mad.

And also---I think you need to go check out my blog. There's a surprise there for you.

shellie said...

bee- the cats name is sprinkles. just imagine angela giving you death stare right now for getting her cats name wrong!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Ralph as Heathcliff? How did I miss that?!?! Get me to a video store ASAP!!

The Fear Fam said...

Awesome... how did I not see that?!?

(And Shellie is right... it's Sprinkles!)

Shelby Lou said...

oh my goodness i just happened to skip into the world of greatness. this blog made me laugh. i love love love your prediction and think your awesome times ten. i am officially a lurker...

mynames SHELBY btw...

Brittany said...

I have to reread Wuthering Heights now b/c I just do not remember Heathcliff cuddling with Cathy's corpse. I have to verify that actually happened. Do you remember going to the Bronte parsonage & seeing the very couch were dear Emily expired?

Beeswax said...


HELLO! Welcome, welcome to my blog!

Everybody, Brittany went to London study with me. Where SHE met her husband, and all I came home with was 20 pounds of cadbury on my butt.

No, I think in the book he just digs her up, but he can't get to her, just looks maybe?

In the show last week, he climbed in the coffin. So romantic! (Shudder.)

Of COURSE I remember the Bronte Parsonage. Is one of my favorite museums of all time. Some day , when I am feeling extra nerdy, I will post my top 10 museums!