Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sometimes, what happens in Vegas comes home in Kelly's new camera

And on her rear end.

So, I went to Las Vegas on January first. 
Mostly cause I wanted to eat stuff there. 
Which I did.

Immediately upon arrival, we had some delicious paninis at 'Wichcraft. I wish we had this kind of fast food here at my house. 

(Dear 'Wichcraft, you can totally move in over where the Del Taco is now, over on Signal Butte. They are just taking up space, with their nasty grisly tacos.)

For dinner on New Year's day, we went to Emeril's. I had some tasty gumbo, a salad, and some shrimp bisque. All good.

Here we are at Carnegie Deli at the Mirage. Everyone (but me): Dan, Sarah, Jen, Andrew, Hillary, Ryan, Jake at Carnegie.

I split the Woody Allen with Jake, which is half pastrami, half corned beef. Never again, people. Who eats corned beef when they can have pastrami? Is a mystery of the universe. Either way, though, don't forget the mustard, pickles, and a side of sauerkraut. And the cheesecake with strawberries.

I took half my cheesecake to go, carried it around in my purse all day, and finished it later, outside the Hermes store in the Bellagio shops. 

(Dear Fred Leighton Jewelers in the Bellagio shops, you are fabulous and awesome. I wish you would come to my neighborhood, too. You can have the spot where Bed, Bath & Beyond is going out of business, kay?) 

That night, fuimos a comer at Mesa Grill (Bobby Flay's place), at Caesar's Palace. Again, I went for an assortment of appetizers. I'm not really into large plates of carne (with notable exception of pastrami. And In-n-Out burgers). Gala Apple salad with spicy Orange vinaigrette was caliente y bueno. Tiger shrimp with roasted garlic corn tamale, and the goat cheese queso fundido also muy delicioso. Yucatan Chicken tacos and Roasted pumpkin soup (with smoked chiles and pomegranate crema) son solamente medium bueno. Wild mushroom quesadilla with white bean hummus and white truffle oil was too strong and truffle-y. No me gusta mucho. 

Pero, es posible que the quesadilla was mejor de mi espanol.

Beeswax y su hermanita, Juanita (Jen).

Los Porter, Sarah y Dan

So after much deliberation and a couple of false starts (including a trip deep into the underbelly of Vegas, to attempt some Karoake at a nasty little Asian-themed spot called the Imperial Palace, where we saw Elvis, but couldn't get our picture with him because he was too busy talking to LADY Elvis), we decided to go see the Wynn hotel. (I believe that other than food, the best part of Vegas is wandering around fancy hotels. Bellagio and Venetian were my favorites. Jake like Wynn.)

Did you ever wonder what the GREAT AND SPACIOUS BUILDING looks like on the inside? Well, it looks like soul-less Disneyland versions of the canals of Venice, the palaces of Rome, or the pyramids of Egypt. With smoke and slot machines. And really, really good shopping. I bought some lipgloss at MAC in the Forum Shops at Caesar's.

Jen and Hillary

Ryan and Jake

Jake y su esposa, Beeswax. I'll stop with the Spanish now.
After some ice cream at the Wynn, we all hopped in a stretch limo where some things happened that need to stay in Vegas, like some dancing and some shaking it. 

We got back to the MGM just as the Neil Diamond concert was letting out. There were lots of oldish people, and more than a few Pride Jazzy scooters to evade as we fought our way against the flow of traffic through the casino.

I don't know if all the seniors made us look relatively young, or what, because then, something wonderful happened:
Hillary, Jen and I got carded.

I know. Is fabulous news.

Then, Andrew played a little craps. 
I learned that this is quite different from taking a little crap.
What's that in Andrew's breast pocket, you ask?

He kept it tucked in there the whole night. Was hilarious.

Thanks for the trip, Jake! 
Happy 35th birthday.

(P.S. I got that clip at Bendel's in New York. Cute, isn't it?)


Barbaloot said...

I'm kind of in love with how you periodically turned into a Senorita. Bien hecho!

And also---how old am I (mentally) if I'm jealous of the people that got to go to the Neil concert.

Beeswax said...

I wanted to go, too. But I've seen him before, so I wasn't too sad. Am going to see Elton John and Billy Joel in March, though!

nevadanista said...

Neil Diamond can sing again? I thought his voice was all sandpapered and he had to quit.

'Soul-less Disneyland version of the canals in Venice' is a perfect description!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Yum, anything made with Gala apples has got to be great! I saw Neil Diamond about 25 year ago before his voice got *too* sand-papery (let's fact it, it's always been a bit sandpapery). It was great! Loved it!

Heather said...

Looks like a FUN trip! You and your sis are too cute!
Have fun with your new camera! I would love to see Elton John! Cool.

wendy said...

Man, love all the food in Vegas. Viva Las Vegas baby. Hey, I was there in October and saw the Donnie and Marie Show. Loved it (not my husband so much, party pooper, he isn't the greates Donnie and Marie Fan (WHAT!!) and we sat at a table with 2 gay guys which kinda topped it off for him. SENIORS--what are you talking about seniors. Love Neil Diamond - "crackling rosie get on down" ta, ta,

halLies said...

old friend hallie here, to answer your querie to the mystery of the universe. the Woody Allen is perfect for cultural-Jews like moi who can never remember which of the tasty meats she likes the best. slightly lesser yummy meat could be taken home for snacking on in the car. am hoping your post will finally help me to stop ordering wrong.
but then again, this is the girl who whenst much shorter than now, was almost disowned by her father when she ordered a pastrami sandwhich on chalah with *mayonaise*. (the guy behind the counter almost refused to make it and gave me the evils when he handed it to me.)
regardless of your consistently brilliant entries, you may be of no help to the likes of me!

Hailey said...

I am more than a little jealous of you for getting to see Elton John and Billy Joel, but I will forgive you if you give me a play by play of the concert.

Looks like a fabulous trip!

Beeswax said...

Yeah, Hallie came to visit!

Welcome, Hallie!

Hallie has been my friend since 5th grade!

I didn't know mayo was so taboo. I'm glad I didn't make such a giant faux pas.

Beeswax said...

But what about the sauerkraut? Is that a no go? The 25% German in me wants it. Wants it bad.

Anonymous said...

ummm i live there. :D yeah its true i live in a casino... hahaha not. but thanks for visiting the city of sin. looks like you had more fun then i have EVER had on the strip, then again i'm only 18 bah fun stuff

Brett and Shireen said...

I say Kraut is always acceptable, especially if you're 25% German. You trip looks fun! I especially love the fact that you guys got crazy in the limo and were completely sober. Glad Andrew kept his "problem" in check. You look gorgeous as ever! Love the clip...

Kari said...

Is it possible that Kelly Kapoor is wearing Kelly Beeswax's Las Vegas party blouse in The Office tonight? Is that shirt the thing that happened/stayed in Vegas, only to be picked up by even later partying Office folk? Is very suspicious.

Beeswax said...

Kari, dangit. I think I lost that top somewhere in Caesar's palace. Can't believe that OTHER Kelly found it. And wore it on her show. Is tacky, really.