Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm pretty ticked at you cause you didn't tell me about this.

But also, I'm pretty thrilled.


Will it live up to the book? 
(Warning: book has serious potty mouth. I don't recommend it to people, normally, but I still LOVED it.)

Course not. 
I'm okay with that.

So, are you guys all going together? Without me? Is that why you haven't said anything?

Well, now you are stuck. I'm coming along. And you are going to buy me some Whoppers. 

And I forgive you.
If you also get me popcorn with lots of oily butter, and some of that fake cheese powder that grosses out everybody but me.

I prefer the white cheddar flavor, in case I am saving your seat while you are seasoning my popcorn.

And buying my cherry Icee.

Don't let this happen again.



Barbaloot said...

I didn't tell you cuz I like to keep things from people. It gives me a false sense of power.

Beeswax said...

I thought so.

Jolene said...

Will you bring a sandwich in your pants?

Devon likes the cheese powder too. I like it plain but then I dump my m&ms in there!

I liked the book alot.

Jolene said...

Lets make it a date.

Shellie said...

what should I do... should I go get the book?

THIS looks amazing!

InkMom said...

Well. I think I may be banned from the movie theater because I'm a loud crier, and I just wept my way through the trailer because I've read the book and I know how it ends.

Please, let this emotional overload crap end when the pregnancy is through!

Beeswax said...

Jolene, I will totally bring a sandwich. I'll share it with you. You like the Crazy Sub?

Shellie, when I finished the book, I said "This is the best book I am never going to tell anybody I read." And I was sad about that. (Except, o'course I told me Mum. She will wade through all kinds of muck and over broken glass for a wonderfully written novel. She gets frustrated with mediocrity and just keeps reading THE ROAD over and over.) So you decide for yourself.

Inkmom, I feel for you. I think you should wait til the hormones subside. When I was 8 mos preg with Ross, I went to see DEEP IMPACT. And I cried so hard and loud that people stared, and my chest hurt for 2 days afterward. And that was DEEP IMPACT. Nobody else was crying.

Molly said...

Todd loves that white cheddar powder! I love the carmel flavor...try it next time!

Kristen said...

I thought you knew about the movie, I could have sworn it was your blog that wrote about it coming out like 6 months ago. Maybe that was funny..."best book, never want to tell anyone about". Yeah, pretty crude but I loved the story so much, I kept thinking about it for weeks, and I would get all sad because the ending is so heart wrenching...but a perfect ending for that book.

Hailey said...

I love the cheese powder.

Kristen's right, I mentioned it on my blog, so no pointing fingers at me.

Also, hate to rain on your parade, but a release date for a movie in March or August is generally not a good sign. Those are the bad movie dump months, with a few exceptions, so let's hope it's one of those exceptions!

Also, have you read The Hunger Game? If you guys love The Road, it should be right up your alley...

Anonymous said...

Beeswax Husband said. . .
Be careful with movies based on books. Can't expect much. You're more likely to get Bram Stoker's Dracula with Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker. With a british accent. Ouch. You are less likely to get Clive Cussler's Sahara with Matthew McConaughey and a cameo by DWIGHT frickin' SCHRUTE!
I accidentally bought some cheese popcorn from 7Eleven the other day. Yuck. It was already open so I couldn't return it. I brought it home to Beeswax and you ate it.