Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WARNING: photos of my kids and good-lookin' husband, and a note to SCOTT WRIGLEY. It isn't my fault if you click here and get super bored.

You know I don't normally post lotsa photos and go on about how my kids are cuter than everyone else's (probly even yours), but that's not because I'm super humble and don't want to make you feel bad. It is just cause I'm pretty lazy about getting photos off my camera.

Sunday afternoon at Aviara. At the meadows, next to the golf course. (Carlsbad, California.)

Ross, Jane, Sam. Checking out a frog. They named it Freddy and visited him nearly daily.

Tom and Jake. Finally, Dad's found a kindred spirit. (I was going to say something about how they both really love their balls, but it didn't sound nice).

Kids with sticks.

Kid with ball.

Thinking about poking Freddy with a stick.

Outta focus, but still outta sight. Legs of a thoroughbred.

Returning from our foiled attempt to hike down to the Bataquitos Lagoon. The hotel is up on the hill.

SCOTT WRIGLEY! I will totally give you credit for all the great spots you told us about in North County, but Jake said your blog is private, so I don't know to what I can hyperlink your name: SCOTT WRIGLEY.
will totally give you, SCOTT WRIGLEY, of MESA, ARIZONA, credit for sending us to Moonlight Beach and to Pipes (very delish, thanks SCOTT WRIGLEY, the famous accountant), but Emily in Japan told me to go to VG Donuts. If you told Jake about it, he did not pass on the info. It was a grave oversight on someone's part, btw.
And, dear SCOTT WRIGLEY, you can have credit for sending Jake to Macrumors, but if that is true, I might hold a grudge against you for a year or two.


Jennifer Babbitt said...

that hair is awesome! I can't get over it. Do the other kids pet the kids with the awesome hair all the time? I would have totally pet my sisters hair and possibly gotten in trouble for annoying her.

wonder woman said...

nice legs.

Miss Bee, I have missed you! I will now add you to my "special people" folder of blogs I read while I'm "not blogging."

Congrats. You made the cut. Sorry it took me so long.

wonder woman said...

And Kirk is hot, too. Been beggin' the hubs to take me to see it. The problem is, he's already seen it. Has "issues" since he is somewhat of a trekkie himself. And won't shell out the big bucks to see it again.

Lisa said...

Yep, dem is sum pretty cute kids!

Jenni said...

Your kids are the cutest...only cute one missing in the pics is YOU! And seriously, Sam's hair is pretty remarkable, I must agree.

acte gratuit said...

Hey, I told you about Pipes too, for the record! They make my favorite French Toast EhhhhVER!

So who is this Scott Wrigley and why must he be so secretive?!

Barbaloot said...

That hair really is amazing---I'm probly pretty jealous of it right now.