Monday, June 22, 2009

Sordid doughnut transactions, and Easy Virtue. (Plus, I'm home and sick.)

I'm home. 
And I'm sick.

I would blame my sour stomach and aching heed (meant to spell it that-a-way) on doughnut withdrawal, (which seems very likely, considering the volume of those pasteles del diablo I've consumed in the last two weeks, but don't have any more of, cause I'm back in Arizona, where people don't sell delicious doughnuts of that sort), but I think my ailment has more to do with the time like 4 days ago when son Sam tossed HIS doughnuts on the flight deck of the USS Midway (Aircraft carrier parked in San Diego Harbor). Have caught some bad germ, I'm sure.

Doughnuts are good, though. 
I think I will write about them.

First of all: A special thanks to Acte Gratuit for her recommendation of VG Donuts in Cardiff.  

Last Friday night, my sister and I stopped by VGs on our way home from seeing Easy Virtue, to which we were lured with the promise of Colin Firth. 

I didn't want to drive all the way to La Jolla, but she taunted me: What kind of Bridget Jones fan do you call yourself, if you will not get off you rear to see Mr. Darcy on the big screen? But although Colin's acting was quite decent, I believe he took the job because they told him he would not have to brush his hair, teeth, could chain smoke and snarl at people the whole day long, then be off with Jessica Biel at the end. I hope I am not ruining it for anyone, but herlo!,  Noel Coward wrote the play in 1928.

 Oh! And Jessica Biel should never ever be allowed in a period film ever ever again. She was horrid. I cannot overstate her horridity. I even made up a new word to describe it, for the terrible occasion of her acting. I think Bridget would agree with me.

Anyhow, it was still okay, just cause we did see Colin in a period film,  which is something, and it ended just in time for us to pick up some donuts before the place closed at 10 pm. Only the surfer kid running the place was closing early, and didn't want us to come in on his freshly mopped floors, so he just brought us a bag out to the van, and said "pay me whatever." I had to wear my sunglasses throughout the transaction, because it was already our second trip there in 3 days, and I didn't want surfer boy recognizing/judging me. Anyhow, the whole transaction (late hour, deserted parking lot, glasses, under the table cash), made the whole thing feel a bit... sordid. Dangerous. Which, of course, just made the doughnuts taste that much better. 

So anyhow, thanks Emily. It is because of you that I will need to go on a month-long diet of raw veggies. 

When I am able to eat again. 

I think I will go lie down.


acte gratuit said...

My pleasure. If I can't eat myself sick, I may as well encourage other to do it!

Hailey said...

Well, whaddya know? We just did a Noel Coward inspired improv show last Saturday. But I am not familiar with that particular story. I do wish my hair had looked that good.

Ben told me about some unreal, indescribable donut place he found in NYC--will be going next week...

The Fear Fam said...

When I saw the preview for Easy Virtue, my very first thought was "Jessica Biel?!?!" I guess my incredulity was spot on.

And btw, I live vicariously through your food stories. So thank you.

Anonymous said...

doughnuts=flour, eggs, maybe milk=not so bad, right?

They're not made of crushed up cigarettes and kerosene and stuff, so okay.

Barbaloot said...

So glad you weren't crazy about the movie---I have zero desire to see it and knowing of it's "horridity" makes me feel okay about that.

Linds said...

Darn. And I had so much hope for another Colin Firth flick. BTW, I watched Lost in Austen the other night and loved it (thanks for the heads-up). Of course it just helped fuel my Darcy fantasies.