Friday, June 19, 2009

Trekkie vs. techie. Still reporting remotely from San Diego's North County, where there have been no celeb sightings

Jake is a techie. I am not. I'm not even sure if that's how you spell techie.

I like Star Trek. So I'm a Trekkie. Is different.

He loves his nearly 2-year-old iphone. He loves aps. He loves synching his iphone with things, and saying 'synch' and 'aps'.

Lately, he's been hanging about websites called things like macrumors, reading about the new iphone that would be coming out very soon.

I asked him to get off the internet, and take me to the new Star Trek movie, cause I heard they got a hot Spock.

He said no.

Yesterday morning, he went to the Apple store here in Carlsbad. I'm not sure what he did there. I was in Target, buying deodorant. You know you've been on vacation too long when you run out of deodorant. And shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, curly stuff for kids hair, and contact lense solution.

Yesterday afternoon, his iphone was drowned, under mysterious circumstances, in Dr. Pepper, while on the golf course here at Aviara.

He quickly pronounced it dead. Before it even stopped beeping.

He set the alarm on my cell phone for 6:30 a.m. (We haven't risen before 9 in two weeks).

He got to the Apple Store by 7 this morning, and waited in line for two hours with lots of other, California-style, techies.

He bought the new iphone, which just happened to come out TODAY. THIS MORNING. At 7 a.m.

He swears he didn't kill his old phone on purpose. Even sub-consciously.

He pleads not guilty.

But I think there is enough evidence to convict.

Do you agree?

(He's gonna be ticked when he reads this. I better quick eat the oreo banana milkshake he's getting me from Mr. Frostie in Pacific Beach before he reads this. Or he might take it back.)

p.s. Remember last year when I was here, and saw Tori Spelling? No such luck this time. Sister Jen says celeb watching season here in San Diego is July (best weather, no June gloom). Is like whale watching. You need to know their migratory patterns. Hunting out of season is utterly futile.


Wendy said...

Oh yes, he is totally convicted. Much too mysterious and convenient.

Shanana said...

LOL! Definately guilty. You don't even need a trial for that one!

I'll be in Vista and Carlsbad on Monday and Tuesday. Maybe I'll have a (bloggy) celebrity sighting and run into you. Is better than whale watching. :-)

Jenni said...

He so totally killed the iphone on purpose--no doubt. Not even a little sneaky! Especially the part where he woke up at totally planned! =)

Julie said...

guilty...No doubt!

acte gratuit said...

Not three hours ago I told Doug we would re-enlist if we get offered Europe. But with that mention of the banana Oreo shake, I'm determined to move straight back to Carlsbad where I will embrace June Gloom in all its glory whilst consuming copious milkshakes.


Tell Techie he can keep his phone if he'll buy you a beach house in La Jolla. It's only fair.

Hailey said...

He's totally busted. And Ben would totally do the same thing.

Also, forget Spock and the young Kirk eye candy. It's all about Bones, the doctor...

Brett and Shireen said...

He's totally guilty.

I was so hopeful you'd be vacationing with Tori again this year. That post was most entertaining. And I love that you compared celeb sightings to whale watching. And I'm glad you don't refer to seeing me as whale watching.

Kari said...

How much longer will you be in the North County? I will be there in a week and would love to visit, pool side with some oreao shakes, of course.

Bee said...

Put those handcuffs on! That is definitely a conviction.

Claire said...

Spock is definitley HOT in the new movie. He even featured on my wallpaper on my laptop for a while. Now, i just have a picture of my friend's husband doing exercises in spandex. It's ok though - she knows. She's glad i think he's hot. And probably glad i live thousands of miles away.. hahahaha.

He's guilty, by the way.

Anonymous said...

So guilty. Way.

Curly hair stuff for kids? Please share. I was unaware, and I need some for my curly haired young-uns.