Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The disciplines Episcopal and piscatorial. Plus, it it hot here in the desert.

Dear Desert-in-which-I live,

You are very hot today.


I read 2.5 novels this weekend. Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani (Was like, really? Is the best you can come up with for an ending?), Caravans (Michener, set in 1945 Afghanistan, published 1963, so interesting to read from a modern perspective), and .5 of Journey (1897 Klondike gold rush, and my favorite Michener). I read the Micheners so long ago they were honestly new again (I believe this makes me officially an old lady). 

Also watched Doubt, which I really enjoyed, and a delicious little treat Jake ordered for me (picked it out himself. Impressive, eh?) from the nice people at Netflix. In Lost in Austen, Amanda Price, a modern London girl with modern morals (read into this what you will) and Jane Austen fan, enters Lizzie Bennett's Longbourne through a door in her own bathroom, while Lizzie stays on in 2008 Hammersmith. Is silly, o'course, but the writing is pretty good. There are about 50 clips on Youtube, but here is a favorite:

(Amanda has engaged herself to Mr.Collins to save Jane from the same fate, and is drowning her sorrows in boozy punch. Wickham tells Caroline Bingley that Amanda's father is a fishmonger. Collins ain't thrilled.)

"The disciplines Episcopal...and piscatorial could never combine with propriety!" Hahahah!

But the best lines came after this clip. Darcy comes over and asks Amanda to leave the ball. She replies: "This is the ball at Netherfield! Elizabeth's not here! You're throwing me out, for kneeing Collins in the balls. This isn't quite how I imagined it."

She said balls. At the ball. Is hilarious.


mama-face said...

LOVED IT. can't wait to netflix it. I usually dislike anything that tries to take on Jane Austen, but this looks worth it. I wonder if that actress washed the spit off her face after that scene was over. Hope so.

I SO needed to see that today. Thanks to you and Jane Austen, the day is not a total waste!

Jane of Seagull Fountain said...

I LOVE Lost in Austen. Just discovered on PBS a couple weeks ago, and ordered the series from half.com.

I love the redemption of Wickham. I guess I'm not a "purist" but that seemed so plausible to me.

Also LOVE the Colin Firth-ish pond scene. Made my husband watch that one and promise to pose for me if I can find a suitable white linen shirt.

The Fear Fam said...

Why oh why have I not seen this?!? I am considering signing up for Netflix again just to watch it!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I watched and deleted the first two eps out of my DVR before realizing what a gem this was. I saved the second two eps--can't get rid of the lake scene. He's my fave Darcy, btw, mostly because of how he looks in a wet shirt but also b/c this is such a witty look at Austen--something that gets me where I live, so to speak. (my book is a light and funny regency . .. )

corrie said...

Oh thank you thank you. I needed to have this brought to my attention. Haven't even heard of this. Looks like fun.

debilyn said...

Okay...I'm sooooo ordering that movie from Netflix now!!

heather said...

You is hilarious too!

Natalie said...

I'm currently reading the "Novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman" series by Pamela Aidan. Have you read them? It's Pride and Prejudice from Mr. Darcy's point of view. Very fun. I liked Twilight from Edward's point of view too. Tis a good time.
I'm gonna look into this movie. Definitely not one my hubby would stand for one minute so I'll plan on curling up with some ice cream instead. :)