Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So just now I was having some lunch at Liberty Market (downtown Gilbert), when a nice employee approached our table and asked me:

Do you go to 24 Hour Fitness?

And I said:

No. I totally don't.

(And then I thought about kissing him, you know, not on the mouth, maybe just on the hand or something, while I curtsied to him, but then decided against it.)

Yes, yes, I know what he meant. 
But also, he mistook me for someone who goes to a gym. 24 hours a day, even.

Best compliment ever.
The end.

So, what about you? Ever been buttered up perfectly?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the assuming you spend time at the gym when you spend no time at the gym is pretty much the best ever. I did have a waitress tell me she couldn't believe all four kids were mine and she would have to card me if I ordered alcohol. That pretty much made my 30-something night!

Heather said...

Ah, Kelly! You look fab! How was lunch at L. Market? I haven't been. You always know the best places to eat, yet, you stay so trim! :)

wonder woman said...

Just the other day, I was at Macey's (downtown Spanish Fork) and the checker asked me how I was doing. I was a little more honest than normal and sighed, "Okay." She laughed a little and asked if it had been a long day. I said yes, it was one of those days where the kids had spilled half my oreos on the (dirty) kitchen floor, and at one point, I turned around to find them smearing toothpaste all over the couch.

She looked surprised and said I didn't look old enough to have kids.

That was the best moment of my entire week.

Flattery from a complete stranger is simply marvelous!

mama-face said...

Only by my children, but that probably doesn't count.

I know people in Gilbert. Maybe you know them and that'd be crazy.

mama-face said...

I forgot all about the old man who yesterday (at walmart) said he sure didn't need to card me for buying an R rated movie; I was most definitely over 17.

Thanks for helping me remember that.

Shelane said...

So now i'm nostalgic about downtown gilbert and sitting on the curb watching the gilbert days parade as a kid.

and how it wasn't until i was in the parade with the band in my color guard uniform with the sheer sleeves, MELTING, that i have a memory of the heat.

nope. never been confused with a gym go-er. i wish.

Lizzie said...

ha ha!

Anonymous said...

When I was in my twenties, people used to say, "Wow, I thought you were older!" which actually was a compliment then, because I thought people thought I was SOOO much more mature than twenty-something. Now, people say the same thing and it's not such a compliment anymore. How often can you hide the gray hairs with hair color treatment before the hairs actually start to fall out? Monthly? Weekly? DAILY?????!!!!

yep said...

You should write a book reviewing all the best restaurants and what to order.

Eric and Breanna Graham said...

Once at Ross the cashier questioned how old I was when I started having kids. After furthere conversing she indicated that she thought I was "her age" at 20yrs old. I then reassured her I was 30 and did not have my first until 25. At the time I thought how nice it was to look younger than I was and feeling I might add. But after thinkg about it a little more.....I realized thay maybe I just look like a teenaged hoochie. So maybe not such a compliment after all....Hmmmmm

tarable said...

I would totally say that to you if I saw you at Liberty Market.

Did you like it? I've been once and was a tiny bit disappointed, but still enjoyed it a lot. That was opening week so I really need to go back.

Cosette said...

Just found your blog. Love it!

I made my son's girlfriend mad, because she thought I was a random teenager hitting on her boyfriend when I gave him a hug after the school musical. Hello, I have 7 kids.

But just to keep it real, today at the mall, a skinny little thing asked me if I'd like a weight loss sample.