Wednesday, May 06, 2009

You know you want to see a photo of me with horrible 80's hair!

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Yesterday I told you about 12-year-old Beeswax's horrible haircut, which she got in the name of fashion. Only, it was only ever ugly, and never fashionable. Well, here is my yearbook photo from 7th grade. Unfortunately, it is in black and white, so you cannot see all the Wet 'n Wild make-up I applied, without a mirror, just before the photographer snapped this doozy. I have asked Hallie for a photo of her contemporary hair, but that might take some time. Or, perhaps she doesn't want it out there on the internets. Which, now that I think about it, seems wise.

So it isn't surprising that I have always hated that photo. But you know what IS surprising? That I thought this one was fab:

At least I don't look like this poor girl:
Do you want to know how she got her hair so tall? After PE and at lunch, these girls would pull their giant-sized Aquanet cans out of their Esprit shoulder bags (don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about), 

and one would position herself on the bleachers above and behind the subject, with another friend/stylist in front (although, can you really call anyone who would help you do this to yourself a FRIEND?), so they could aim the aerosol with 360 degree precision at the actual bangs of the victim-er-student. It was ALL about the bangs.

When Hallie came to visit last month, she exclaimed: You haven't changed a bit! You look exactly the same as you did at 12!

And I said: No, Hallie. I look significantly better than I did at 12. Now, I'm medium-foxy! (Or, I will be when I can zip my jeans again.)

What about you? Do you look better now, or at 12?  Do you LIKE how you look better now, or at 12? 

I know, is like playing that would-you-rather game. (Would you rather eat sink bread, or lick the floor at Albertsons? Would you rather have only one leg, or no arms?)

Oh, and hey! I would really like the MMB spotlight this month. 
I'm LOSING again, people! 
So please go vote for me! Ahora!

The competition is fierce (and talented). You should check them out, too. The Confessions of a Rookie and and Scream/Hug blogs are totally my style. But that doesn't make it okay to vote for one of them instead of me. Unless she's you sister, or she's blackmailing you with photos she's got of you from 7th grade. 

Then, is understandable.


Barbaloot said...

Oh the horrors of my 12-year old self. I had an awkward phase that lasted from age 9 to now-ish. But really, 12 was awful.

Bummer that your picture isn't in color---I could use some make-up tips:)

Azúcar said...

Are you kidding? Compared to my 12 year old self, I am a stone cold fox now.

That poor girl…why didn’t anyone HELP HER?

Jenni said...

In 4th grade I sported the coolest pink Esprit bag ever...I thought I was pretty neat. =)

Claire said...

My gravity-defying fringe was HUGE. Til I stepped out in the rain. Then I just looked like Whitney houston in her 'I just wanna dance with somebody' video. And i'm not boasting about that. I'm just saying. I really wanted to look like Debbie Gibson...

The Fear Fam said...

My Espirit bag was the only name-brand thing I owned, and by the time I got it all the cool kids had moved on to those shiny Raiders & Niner's Starter jackets.


I'm so glad I never have to relive Jr. High!

acte gratuit said...

This is one of my most painful memories:

My mom made me an Esprit bag--with a stencil. And everyone could tell it was homemade. And Stacey Hayes made fun of me for it. And I still haven't quite forgiven her. Even though we are Facebook friends now...

I echo Fear Fam's *sigh*.


I like to think my looks have improved since those days, but I know one thing for least my teeth have! (Thanks to five painful years of braces.)

*another sigh*

Sinclair said...

I have passed "like myself better now than at 12" and am moving onward to "wishing I looked like I did at 31."

Shanana said...

I still look like I'm twelve. (Which makes explaining how I have a teenager really awkward.) Admittedly, the hairstyle is better, but I think I could still wear some of my clothes from the eighth grade if I really sucked it in.

wonder woman said...

I am much foxier, if flabbier, now then at 12.

Your pics cracked me up.

And I did vote. Good luck!

CK Nethercott aka Mom said...

Laughing so hard at that post! Yes, I to had the aquanet cans and the esprit tote (mine was navy blue). LeSportsac purse, too. It's all so 80's I could puke!! Great memories though.