Sunday, May 03, 2009

And then you went to Mormon Mommy Blogs and voted for Beeswax! So that she'll win! And then, she won't feel so bad about her skin-tight yoga pants!

I'm back. And there are 35 comments on my last post. Which means that either you, like me, really love Utah food, or you are coming over from Mormon Mommy Blogs because you totally want to check me out and vote for me!

Is probly some of each.

I'll be honest. I'm no good at electioneering, gladhanding, politicking, backslapping, and baby-kissing (swine flu, you know); and heck, I'm no expert on vote-getting like Boss Tweed, even though my super handsome husband has a t-shirt with him on it.

But you should vote for me anyhow. Because I am very desperate and presenting my husband to you as eye-candy to get votes. Is very sad and pathetic behavior. (And thanks to Wendy at Blue Lily Photography for photoshopping/airbrushing my hair into looking good. It never looks good, especially since my last cut, when I got "The Rachel/Carol Brady".)

Also, you should vote for me cause I went to Women's Conference and now my pants are very tight. Even the elastic band on my yoga pants is digging into my middle, and I am grounded from my William Rast jeans for 10 pounds. Minimum.

Unless I go somewhere that doesn't require sitting down. Then they might be okay, in like, 5 pounds. Maybe.
Is so sad. Remember those halcyon days when I wore them, and was medium-foxy?
Apparently, I can't have Justin Timberlake's jeans and my Pastrami burgers and fry sauce, too.

Before I left for Utah, I totally printed out all your food comments. I read them to my trip-mates on the plane. We made some plans. 

Our plane had barely touched down in Zion when we scurried over to Red Iguana in SLC, but sister, mother, and friends got real high-pitched-giggly, pinch-lipped, and shifty-eyed at the authentic looks of it, and wouldn't stop for mole. So Market Street Grill it was. Best key lime pie of my whole life, though, so I can't complain.

We tried Pizzeria 712 in Orem, and Hailey was 100% right about the white pizza. You should go and get one, even though it isn't on the menu. Seriously. It has a big pile of arugula on top.

We also went to Sam Hawk, which was tasty although lacking in ambiance (i.e. is in strip mall next to dollar store, and is decorated with snapshots of (I am assuming) satisfied customers. The pork bulgogi was delicioso.

Also had lots of ice cream, with which I shan't bore you. Even though it wasn't boring, to me.

Hailey's play was really, really good. You should all go, cause it runs a couple more weeks.

And very quickly, so new people coming to visit from Mormon Mommy Blogs don't get bored and vote for someone else instead of me, even though I REALLY think I should win, (even though it IS an honor just to be nominated, claro que si), some of my favorite speakers at the WC were Camille Fronk Olsen, Julie Beck, Noel Reynolds and his wife (I used to work for FARMS when he was the boss man there), and L. Tom, o'course.

So, go vote for me, will ya? If, with your help, I win the May spotlight, I will celebrate my victory, and the trouncing of my opponents, (who are probly super-duper nice ladies, etc., etc.), by giving away another Canal Street Special (5% chance of being 100% authentic Prada purse from Chinatown) next week! (Turns out, I'm a regular Tammany Hall, after all! Is like buying drinks for voters on election day, for which I think even Boss Tweed got in trouble.)

P.S. Right now I am way behind in the polls. 
(Is very uncomfortable to sit here in my ill-fitting yoga pants, being a loser.)

Also, if you are visiting for the first time, and you think you might want to come back someday when I'm not talking about pants, you can join my list of followers up at the top-o- the-blog. You are always welcome.


acte gratuit said...

Okay, I voted for you so now what do I win? (I wasn't paying much attention toward the end there...)

Oh, and did I mention Wendy of Blue Lily is my cousin? Does that get me anything?

Beeswax said...

It gets you a great cousin with many skills. You might win a purse next week, if I get lots of votes. But I don't know if I can send it to Japan. Will have to check shipping rates on fake Prada purses. Or if I can get arrested to sending it overseas. I wouldn' want to cause an international incident.

I was afraid that maybe I got too verbose at the end there. Maybe I should go back and edit a bit?

CassiB said...

I just voted for you too, you are only 7% behind the lead you can totally pull it off. Oh and P.S. I saw your cute little fam at AZ night the other night.

jt said...
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The Fear Fam said...

I voted and put you into first place!!! I think that should earn me two entries into your *cough* fake *cough* Prade purse giveaway!

Now I'll just cross my fingers that you keep the lead. You deserve it!

halLies said...

can i vote even though i'm only an honorary Mormon and a sometimes honorary mommy?

The Rookie said...

Thanks for dropping in. Good luck to you also. I'm glad you are my competition as I've found a new blog to love.

sarinahbrooks said...

Ok - voted for my favorite junior mint gal! Love the humor! I think you are fab!

Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

Why oh WHY did we not hook up at WC? I was there. Eating my way across Provo. (Mint brownies!)

L Tom was my favorite, and I may have giggled when he said "widgets". S.Becks talk on Friday was inspiring!


Hailey said...

You're welcome. For voting for you and helping your lead grow, AND for the white pizza. I feel a bond, because you trusted when others didn't...

One Sassy Mama said...

Okay--I voted for you and you are ahead in the polls. Yay!

By the way, Jo and Pam said they saw you at Smiths Fieldhouse on their potty run...whilst I saved them their seats for Mary Ellen. Curses.

I had a great love for the entire WC event--except for when my cell phone dropped out of my pocket and into the MC toilet.

acte gratuit said...

So you're saying you missed this inspired post and accompanying video set to Alphaville?

I'm so disappointed...

Rachel said...

I shouldn't be commenting. . . you're my competiton! tee hee hee. . .

I am jealous of your eating weekend, but maybe not so much of the 10 pounds! but it all sounds so good. . .